Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Brain Is Full

...And yet there are moments these days when it feels dazzlingly empty. Hmm. There is an awful lot to do in a day, and very little time to fit in thingsI would LIKE to do along with all the things I HAVE to do. But I did carve out a little sewing time a few days ago, and it felt wonderful:

I bought this fabric bundle awhile ago when it was on clearance for 50% off, and naturally it went into my stash to ripen a bit before I decided what to make with it. These little farm-y prints are favorites of the kids and William in particular has been asking me to make him something for awhile, so in a mad frenzy of cutting and sewing while Caroline napped, I have the top of a small quilt mostly pieced. I even took care to search my batting pile first and made the dimensions to match a leftover piece of batting I already had on hand. See, I'm learning how to be thrifty! 

And of course whenever I get started sewing again I never want to stop and the inspiration comes pouring in. My in-laws sent me a gift card for my birthday, which went towards - what else - more fabric! Fun fun fun. Also in the fabric department, I heard someone mention "reusable paper towels" and "etsy" in the same sentence, so I had to investigate. These do in fact look like a fabulous idea. However ones like these (and there are many) made me raise an eyebrow because a) those things seem like they'd be crazy hard to unsnap when you QUICK! needed a paper towel and b) the whole term "reusable paper towel" seems silly... doesn't that just take us back to, uh, "towel"?? Oh my. 

Incidentally, I also found the birdseye fabric by the yard... if only I had a serger, I'd be all over that project. 

Other sewing projects that might be entering the lineup: this for William, my resident packrat, and this for everyone, maybe... or just for Don. He rebuilt his 1989 Black Seas Barracuda by sifting through the 50 pounds of Lego his parents brought down on their last visit. It took so long to build he wouldn't even let the kids play with it. Last week, it took about half a second for it to go sailing off the bookshelf in his office and smashing all over the floor when a naughty kitty was feeling bored. 

And to wrap up what seems to be a clearing house of all the tabs I've had open on my computer lately: 
We got a library book by this artist and now I really really really want some of her prints... maybe when we get to our new house, something new for the walls. And I've been eyeing these as a possible investment for our upcoming season of moving and traveling... and beyond. 

So those are all the frivolous things that have been On My Mind these days, as a happy little break from the busy routine that comes when I'm flying solo for awhile. And on that note, time to stop blogging about sewing and maybe squeeze in a bit of it before it's time for bed. Here's Caroline to wish you a Happy Friday! 

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