Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Lopper

Yesterday I started clearing out the withering zinnias from our front garden. I meant to write a post about the zinnias in all their glory... I have some pictures somewhere... oh well. But it was a satisfying project and William helped by snipping the dried up brown flowers off the plants that were still growing and staying for now. He did a very good job of snipping only the spent blooms, and was proud of himself for helping. 

But then today we finished off the project with just some weeding, and hauling all the debris to the woods. Problem was, William wanted to do some more snipping.  So after a few perfectly decent flowers lost their heads, it was time to put the pruners away. You can be sure he'll be inspecting the garden every day now, checking for any more brown flowers. I love a guy who is so devoted to his job. 

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