Sunday, May 5, 2013


Hello! Still here! Hate it when more than a week (almost two?) go by without a post... The lettuce from our garden continues to be very good but I'm tired of seeing that picture every time I open my blog.

I'm going to need to hit up my mom for some pictures, as she's been here this week (yippee!) and has been the only one with a camera out.

Not a whole lot else going on beyond all the usual stuff.  Amy's closing in on her last few weeks of preschool.  We've been enjoying having company.  Several evenings have come and gone and I haven't even turned on the computer.  That's always kind of a nice break, too.

I've got House Hunter on in the background right now, getting my vicarious home-buying fix...

Finished reading a completely enjoyable book... did I mention it already?  It is this one. Sharp writing, incredibly funny, useful cookbook, all in one.

The weather has left something to be desired lately.  Namely, SUN.  Not that I'm dying for it to be all hot and unbearable or anything, but the last few days have felt more like March than May.  However, the frogs are singing like crazy.

Okay, more soon, just wanted to check in real quick!

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