Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Pool Day


Today marked the opening of the 2013 backyard pool season at our house.  Nearly TWO MONTHS later than last year's opening.  New England friends may not believe me, but it's been rather cold here, and only in the last few days has it started to feel at all summery.  Last year the summery days started popping up as early as mid-March.  I'm actually a bit glad for the later start to the splash-pool season in hopes that the novelty won't wear off mid-summer as it did last year.  

Occasionally I'll write a morning message on our easel and today's featured the plan of the day - shopping, dance class, and then the much-anticipated Pool Day.  Amy then erased almost all of it, and just wrote "Happy" above my line about pool day.  

I've been terrible about pictures lately so by the time I thought to document the first lovely, two-pooled swim of the season it was 90 minutes later and the water was grassy and the kids were pretty much done.  
But it was an awfully nice afternoon. 

Happy Pool Day!

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