Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Let me say first that I am generally not the type of Mommy that gets "sad" about my "babies" growing up.  Each new bit of accomplishment and independence I am wholeheartedly thrilled about - I have no wish for my babies to stay babies at all.  Little kids, bigger kids - much more fun.  

However, the crib-to-bed transition is such a one-way, no-turning-back-type transition that it makes even me pause for a minute and appreciate just how fast these little kiddos are growing up.  Really fast.  

Amy got her big bed at exactly the same age William is now. For her of course it was more necessary, as William was on the way and the crib was needed.  This time there is no one in line for the crib, and no real push for the change.  But William's favorite thing in the world is to get cozy under the covers in Amy's bed, and it seemed to us that this was simply a case of a boy ready for his own tucked-in and cozy sleeping digs.  

And I think we have a winner.  We put together the frame and mattress in the afternoon, and William made no objection to giving it a test sleep for a late nap.  I tucked him in and left him all alone and he conked right out, and slept equally well and easily last night, too. 

I opted for the bed rail this time; Amy did not have one but we had her mattress/boxspring on the floor at first.  Since we went straight up onto the frame for William, and since he does still move around a bit in his sleep I thought it would be good peace of mind and ease the transition overall.  This is a "hide-away" rail, but it doesn't slide away quite as easily as I would like, and I might not have the patience to put it away every morning when I make the bed.  Oh well. 

And of course, Amy always needs a piece of the action, so she got under her covers for a "nap" too.  Hers lasted oh, about 30 seconds.  

So, now what do I do with the crib? 

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