Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creepy-Crawlies and Other Things Taking Over My Yard

There is magic that happens in a garden when you leave for a few weeks. I swear, nothing grows with such enthusiasm as it does when no one is looking.

We have been growing Morning Glories in this yard every summer, and saving the seeds. So between the self-sowing and reseeding that we do, we have achieved (perhaps over-achieved) our goal of having morning glories everywhere. Oh my.

I couldn't even get the lawnmower out tonight because there is a vine wrapped all the way up the handle.

But really, I can't get enough... this is what the corner of the yard looked like when we got home around 5 pm last night... a little scary, right? I mean, the wind chimes have been swallowed whole.

But I step outside this morning and, well, wow. And the pictures really don't do them justice.

The vegetable garden is in there somewhere, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Today I focused on pulling out some spent sunflowers (seeds eaten and everything!), and deadheading the cannas. And in doing so I found this lady:

Now, in four summers here in the quasi-south my spider-creep-out threshold has increased dramatically but still, heebie-jeebies! that is one big spider. Of course I leave them be, because I am a good nature-girl and I know spiders are my friends and all that, and really, I have no desire to mess with a spider over 3" long. I think what creeps me out about the spiders in the yard is not only how many separate species of gigundo spider we've come across, but where are they when we don't see them...?

Anyway, on to a far less creepy creepy-crawly:

Thoughts? We did not plant this. I don't think we even ever ate anything like this. (We composted right on top of our gardens during the winter). This mystery squash-thing is like a large, flat, white, jack-be-little pumpkin. It's really cute... kinda looks like a flying saucer... I don't know whether to eat it or decorate with it, but hey, gotta love the volunteers.

Oh, and if you need a little music to go with this post, try this, a not-very-high-quality version of the song I get in my head every time I step out the backdoor in the morning. One of Don's and my first dates was a mini road trip to see these guys.... just about exactly seven years ago! Good times.

PS - Got a nice chatty letter from Don today, sounds like everything is just ducky, and he should get a chance to call this week or next!

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