Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I can't believe that an entire month has gone by since I took the pictures in this post. We spent most of August with family before Don left for OCS, but we started out our trip with a two-night stay in Baltimore Inner Harbor and it was lovely. This has become a favorite place of ours in the time we've lived in Maryland; we've taken Amy to the National Aquarium every year for her birthday. Since we wouldn't be doing that this year we decided to make our aquarium trip into a mini-vacation for just our little family before Don went away. We stayed in a very gracious hotel with an excellent view and enjoyed all the luxury that accompanied that, and splurged on a couple of very nice dinners out - something we rarely do. Add in our day at the aquarium and it was a perfect little trip.

A highlight for both kids was simply watching out the window from our room. We could look straight across the water to the aquarium. Amy stayed up late one night to see the city lights, and William simply loved watching the cars below, saying "vrrooooomm" all the while.

We took this blurry family portrait on a moving escalator at the aquarium...

And for the first time in our many visits there we saw the dolphin show. I was outside with a melting-down William for most of it, but Amy LOVED it, and she has cherished the pink dolphin we got her as a souvenir ever since. She also took this picture:

Oh, and I insisted that we take a picture of the four of us in front of our house before we left since we don't really know if we'll ALL be back here together again, and I simply wanted a record of "Us, Here."

So there we are. I'll be back with some more highlights of our August adventures, and any other interesting current events that pop up in the meantime.

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