Sunday, June 5, 2011

This Family Update Brought to You by Robin Hood

This is, sadly, just about the only thing I've sewed in months. Amy has been bugging me for quite awhile to make her a Robin Hood costume (to go with her Maid Marian costume, which she still wears at least twice a week). I kept putting her off thinking she'd forget about it, but she's Amy - she never forgets about anything. So, thankfully, my idea for how to make a RH tunic, belt, and hat as simply as possible actually worked, and she was satisfied. Of course she really needs someone else her size to wear this costume so she can be MM and fall in love with RH... usually her stuffed Clifford ends up wearing the Robin costume. My my, it's not easy.

Anyway, I'm feeling otherwise short on bloggy material this week because there has just been so much else going on. Sniffly, feverish girl at the beginning of the week, nearly-walking boy, broken air conditioner, errands to run, house to clean, blah blah blah. But the biggest news from this past week simply must be shared: After six months of waiting, we finally received word on Don's OCS (Officer Candidate School) application...

... and he was accepted!!!!!!

I am so incredibly proud of my husband on this huge honor and accomplishment. He devotes a staggering amount of energy to his job and has the drive and vision to serve in a capacity far beyond where he is now. We have talked about the OCS possibility for the whole five years that he's been in the Coast Guard, and even before he joined, so the fact that we now know that it is going to happen is really amazing. We'll have most of the summer together, then he'll be away for four months of training, and then we'll be moving to places unknown.

So that's the scoop. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for those of you who have known about this process. We can't wait to see what's next.

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  1. Amy is just so cute!! Very impressed with your costume concept and creation skills! The outfit looks store bought!