Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wrapping Up April

My goodness, it was seriously just yesterday that I had Amy strapped into this infant helmet and balanced on the front of my bike. (That carrier is awesome, by the way.)

We had a happy Easter weekend with lots of pretty eggs, fun surprises (of the $1 bin variety), chocolate, flowers, and two cute kids who were very well behaved for a loong church service in a hot sanctuary.

In a burst of motivation I finally executed an idea I had for adding some color to a large blank wall in our dining area and simultaneously making a place to display some more of Amy's artwork. SO pleased with how it worked out. And that top row - all the paper towels from our egg-dyeing.

And lastly, I made some time for sewing and completed this little project:

My mom gave me a big knitting needle roll that she had made way back, and while I love it, I don't have many straight knitting needles (I prefer circular when I do knit, and I usually don't - crochet hooks are my weapon of choice)... so I had the idea to cut off the portion of this roll that was useful for my tools, and rebind the edge. I wish I had a picture of the whole thing, but this is what I finished up with:

The white binding is the original edge, the red binding I made out of some fabric also from my mom. It simply makes me happy. Nostalgia and usefulness all rolled up in a nice little bundle. I can't think of a better kind of project.

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