Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beach Time

The beach is becoming a frequent late-afternoon haunt on these lovely spring days. We only go when Don is home, which makes it seem like a special kind of outing, and it is often just the change of scenery we all need during that tricky time before dinner, when everyone has otherwise run out of good ideas.

Lots of sand means space to crawl and play with relatively little mischief to get into. Very good news for a little boy who seems to delight in causing Mommy to say "No!!" (don't eat the catfood, spill the water, climb the stairs, etc). But here he's turning out to be quite good at entertaining himself.

This big girl can stay amused for a good long while, just tossing rocks into the water (or sand backwards towards the camera, as the case may be).

And the extra bonus to our weekday beach afternoons is the free airshow courtesy of the US Navy. If we're really lucky we might have to stop halfway through the drive to let a jet taxi in front of us. Three years (to the day) that we've lived here, and that hasn't gotten old. Today's excitement - a blimp!

So for 45 minutes or so we all sit happily and watch the water or explore this quiet stretch of shore. Don and I might even exchange two or three uninterrupted sentences. It is a lovely time indeed.

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