Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mentioned this afghan a few weeks ago as being next up in the UFO demolition list. And finally, I am making progress. I finished the last baby blanket (for now) at the beginning of the month (picture of it here). This funky diagonal stripe is a welcome change of pace. It is only double crochet, but I'm enchanted by this pattern that turns it all on a corner. The purple is making me a little nervous, as I really like the blue/cream/red/brown together... but I'm hoping it will call come together once all the whole thing is finished. I'm also debating about whether I want the stripe color sequence to be a mirror image from the center, or to continue in sequence. Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and most importantly - I decided that I am going to give this one to our very dear friends and neighbors who are moving away in just three weeks. I had planned to make a quilt, but that is quite hard to find the time for, and I was thinking about the colors of this afghan and how I really don't need another blanket in this house and how my friend Tara loves reds and blues, and, well, it suddenly all made sense. So nothing like a deadline to light a fire under my you-know-what and to force me to make some progress on a big project like this.

And speaking of progress, I uploaded these pictures tonight (taken today) and was amazed at what a grown-up little boy I found!

He'll be eleven months old this week. Eleven. Which of course means his birthday is right around the corner. Has it really been a year already? Oh my goodness.

I'll be posting some more pictures over on facebook, for those of you who are in to that sort of thing. And then I had better go spend some time with that afghan before the evening slips away.

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