Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New (Old) Dresser

After shuffling the bedrooms I was pleased to have enough room to fit a real dresser for little D's clothes and baby paraphernalia, but not sure where I was going to find one that didn't blow our budget. On a whim I went to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, not really expecting to find anything, but - I did!

Now, I have generally been a bit of a snob when it comes to other people's stuff. I like new, even if it is cheap new. But since we are trying VERY hard to stay on track financially, and I am spending a lot of time thinking through our general consumption habits (a large subject for another day), I decided that I need to start getting over my aversion to hand-me-downs. (Actually, I suppose this chair was really my first step.)

Anyway, I spotted this dresser just as I was about to leave empty-handed. It was exactly the size I was looking for, in good shape structurally, and pretty clean on the inside. The price was $15, and that included a butt-ugly headboard and mirror. I asked to pay full price for just the dresser, and in a matter of moments one of the volunteers was loading it in the back of my car (my one regret - scuffing up the interior of our nice new Subaru - boo).

This piece weighs about 600 pounds, without the drawers. It is just a standard particle-board, laminate number, but the drawers are on real runners, and I really liked the oval detail on the top drawer and the wainscoting along the top.

So, much to my own amazement, I actually started work on it that afternoon - and didn't even write it on a list! I peeled off the paper laminate on top, removed all the hardware, gave it a good scrub inside and out, sanded and primed. The next morning we went to Lowe's for new drawer pulls and white paint. It took about 3 coats to cover up all the blemishes, and I was able to sneak in painting sessions throughout the weekend. A second trip to Lowe's was required to get longer screws for the hardware, and I realized a bit too late that the pulls I selected are actually not the right spacing for the existing holes, but they are holding on very tightly with just one screw, so it's good enough for me. Just don't tell.

After feline help... and Amy help... and Don's help hauling it upstairs... ta da!

I'm so pleased with how it turned out, pleased that the whole project totalled less than $50, and even more pleased that it's not still sitting in the garage. Now I just need something to hang on the wall above...

Oh, and look closely and you'll see the only accessories currently on top of the dresser are a couple of specimen cups and biohazard transport bags - that would my mommy homework, collecting poor little D's, ehem, poop, so that we can pin down his apparent protein allergy. Not exactly fun, but all in a day's work. He remains happy and good as ever, it's only his poor mommy who is rather hungry, trying to avoid eating all the things that might be irritating his little intestines. More on that another time. No worries though, all is well here!

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