Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homeless Quilts Find Walls

This all started with me staring at the ceiling on Friday night when I should have been sleeping. It continued with me making Don nervous by pacing around our bedroom with a tape measure on Saturday morning. It ended (for now) with freshened up bedrooms, really well-vacuumed carpets, and homes for two of my own handmade quilts.

A bit of background: Our house has only two bedrooms, and while we had the option to move to a three-bedroom house before little D was born (one of the perks of military housing), we decided that we wanted to stay put. Our plan was to have both kids share a room once D was 3 months old or so and sleeping reasonably well at night. After switching Amy to her big girl bed we kept the crib in her room, and it really fit quite nicely. I still like the idea of having both kids in the same room, but in practice I found the problem to be not bedtime but naptime - if Amy wanted to play in her room while D was attempting a nap it just didn't work out well.

So I thought that perhaps, by rearranging our bedroom a bit, we could make room for the full-size crib (instead of just the pack and play) and keep D with us for now.

Here's how our bedroom was set up before:

And here is how it looks after:

I realize I'm not scoring any decorator points by lining up our bookshelves and dressers and having everything slightly bunched up on either side of the bed, but there is plenty of room to walk, and plenty of space around the crib. I'm planning on getting rid of those plastic bins once I finish painting a dresser for the boy (will share about that in another post).

Oh, and the quilts - the pinwheel quilt is the second quilt I ever made and while it doesn't really match the quilt on our bed at all, I think it adds a lot of interest to what was otherwise a very blank wall. Hey, nothing in our bedroom matches anyway. And on the very blank wall in Amy's room where the crib used to be, I tacked up my most recently completed blue and yellow quilt!

We've lived in this house much longer than we've lived in any other house, and barring any big changes we'll be here for almost two more years, so I'm finding it necessary to switch things around a bit to keep it seeming fresh. It's also useful to keep evaluating our stuff and make sure we are making the best use of our space as our family grows. There always seems to be room for improvement!

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  1. I love your redecorating! Quilts as wall hangings are great, too. We've done that at our house.