Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tag Sale

I am quite happy to report a very successful tag sale this morning, hosted by yours truly. And made possible by my dear husband, who clothed, fed, and entertained Amy for the entire morning so I could focus on important things like placing little green 25 cent stickers on all our knick knacks.

Among the first customers to stop by shortly after opening at 7 am was a gentleman who happily purchased Tigger for $1. Within minutes Amy came outside and asked where Tigger was; I said he went off to visit Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood, and she suggested we go there to look for him. So I started out the day feeling pretty much like The Worst Mother Ever. But Tigger is quite large, and our house is rather small, and her interest in him has been intermittent at best. Besides, I got him for free at a tag sale last year, and it seemed like it was time for him to go visit another family.

Speaking of "tag" sales - our neighbor asked me what "tag" stood for - said she googled it and everything. Seriously? I was told that the names for an event selling one's junk tended to be quite region specific (yard, garage, rummage, moving, etc) - but I thought that Tag Sale was nevertheless self-explanatory. Apparently I was wrong.

We packed up after 1 pm and happily counted over $100 in sales - quite a bit more than I was hoping for. That plus the dramatically smaller pile of stuff in the garage made all the hours of standing, bending, hauling and sorting more than worthwhile.

Oh, and Don and Amy spent part of their morning fishing at the Station pier. Both had a wonderful time. Amy had so much fun she even took a nap in the afternoon. It was a good day for all.

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