Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cats in High Places

It was a beautiful, sunny, and dry day today and perfect weather for the half dozen tag sales taking place in our neighborhood. We happened upon one when we made our usual stop at the playground this morning. I spotted this guy from afar:

...and since I know a certain someone who is very fond of Tigger these days I went over to check him out. I also picked up this little print in a nothing-special frame but I totally dig it, and hey, it's already up on the wall!

But the very best score of all was a like-new fold-away cutting table for $10. While my dining room table is adequate for sewing, I've been considering a table like this because it is much higher and more comfortable to work at while standing, and it folds to about 12" wide and is on wheels, so I can tuck it away when not in use. My mom pointed this particular version out to me but it cost upwards of $100 at Joann's. Now I could not be more thrilled to have this baby as my very own, at about a tenth of the cost! I was so inspired that it's already been put to use today, as I finally am getting started on the pillows for the living room. Of course the table also seems to be a feline magnet.

One other satisfying bit - that lamp on the right: Dirt cheap at Walmart years ago, used it all the time in my college apartment and in our Rhode Island houses but it never found a home here. With the new furniture setup we needed a little more light on that side of the couch and I brought it out of storage, only to realize that the harp and finial were missing. No where to be found. And I usually know where to find things. But once again, eBay to the rescue, and my replacement pieces arrived in today's mail, all for less than $5.

It's these small victories that really make me tick.

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