Sunday, April 4, 2010


Despite my initial moping about Don having to work for most of Easter weekend, Amy and I rallied and I can now say it has been a joyous Easter indeed.

Saturday morning we colored eggs. Amy was all excited about the process, but was happy to take a hands-off role: "No, Mommy, you do it"...

And of course Ollie was on hand to supervise.

Saturday afternoon involved a drive around town on the quest for an "Easter Book." We finally found The Easter Egg and, while not a religious story, it satisfied both of our needs to read something to get us in the spirit.

This morning we went to church, participated in the church's Easter egg hunt, and returned home for a visit from the Easter bunny, lunch, and another Easter egg hunt in the backyard. There really is nothing like a young child's enthusiasm to make holidays feel special and traditions seem fresh and new.

We capped off the day with dinner at our friends' house and returned home in time to get in pajamas, read our Easter Book, and talk about all the fun things we did before Amy fell fast asleep with her bunny and all her little yellow chicks.

Hope your Easter has been just as full of sunshine and blessings. Christ is Risen!

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