Friday, December 18, 2009

Zoo Keeping

Juliett would like to tell you about two very big improvements made around here: Nice new white ceramic bowls for the cats' food, to replace the plastic dishes that got chased all over the kitchen and smelled permanently like, well, cat food. Bowls from Target, $0.89 - when I found out the price I went back and bought four more to keep up a nice rotation.

New and improved litter box accommodations: Mega-huge box to replace the two smaller ones, and one giant tray to catch some of the scattered litter. Here's hoping those high sides catch all the, um, overshoots. My goal here: make daily poop-scooping (which I'm not even supposed to be doing right now) take less than the current ten solid minutes of scooping, sweeping, wiping, etc. The tray is from Lowe's; it's meant to go under a washing machine to catch leaks (thanks, Mom, for the idea).

So, I know it's not Christmas-related, but that's what I accomplished today!

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