Monday, December 21, 2009

The Naughty and The Nice

A Christmas Riddle:
What is funny the first time, makes you get the camera the second time, and by the thirtieth time makes you want to say "oh please, can't Christmas be over so I can put all this away?"

Answer: A cat climbing the Christmas tree.
Over and over and over...

This poor tree has been through enough as it is. I spent fifteen futile minutes trying to correct its terrible lean (now it just leans the other way), and I am praying it makes it to Christmas. I've already decided to take all the ornaments off right after the big day so if Ollie manages to take out the whole tree while we are gone at least nothing else will break. The worst part is that the more I scold, the more he climbs - Naughty!

Now for the Nice: My darling helper and I baked [some of the] Christmas cookies this afternoon. Amy helped with the whole operation: rolling, cutting, and sprinkling - that was her favorite part. I had to keep a hand on the sprinkle shakers to prevent huge blobs of color on each cookie. But she did a really good job and I'm proud of her for helping!


  1. You might consider attaching the tree to an eye hook in the wall [string, rope, ribbon, fishing line]... or locking the cat in another room =)
    Another fun way to decorate cookies... cookie markers! I found them at Michael's but they prob carry them at Walmart and anywhere else that they have cake decorating items. Qin loved putting "dinosaurs" and "giraffes" on last year's cookies [even if they all looked like scribbles].

  2. We plan on un-decorating our tree right away, too. We're going to Germany to visit Nicole and Waffle from the 26th to the 2nd and Artemis has already done an excellent job taking things off and breaking a few. Either that or scoot the whole tree into the bathroom and close the door while we're gone. :-P