Saturday, September 12, 2009


Guilty as charged.

This post falls in the "need to get it off my mind" category. Bear with me.

My well-intentioned but often cantankerous sewing machine is currently in the shop getting a tune up and fixing a problem with the pressure foot adjuster dial. This recently-discovered sewing machine shop is also a Pfaff dealer, and after taking a quick look at their machines in the store I came home and did a little research on my usual haunt, eBay, where I found this: Everything I am looking for in a sewing machine: not made in China, sturdy, simple, dependable, with better stitch and feed control for quilting and sewing thick fabrics.

Oh, but wait, 24 hours ago I was not looking for a sewing machine! Never mind that the repair and service to my Simplicity is going to cost half the purchase price, I still HAVE a sewing machine that, in theory, should run beautifully when I get it back next week.

So why did I spend most of the afternoon coveting this $500+ piece of machinery, and trying to work through in my head how I could possibly justify its purchase? Why, when my husband works hugely long hours doing often dangerous work to earn all the precious money we have? Why, when I have a daughter who deserves every spare penny directed to ensuring her immediate comfort and security?

Because I am a perfectionist, and I think that comes into play in my shopping habits. While I am not an extravagant person, I am always looking for the perfect system. If I just had this machine, everything about my sewing life would be perfect. Etc. I need to get over that.

After a hot shower and a little time away from the computer I have backed off my earnest desire for a new machine and am filing it away for some point in the future when I truly have the money to spend and truly need to replace my current machine. So there, self!

I feel much better now.


  1. Man, Do I ever know what you mean! It usually just takes a little time to cool off and reconsider my priorities and I'm back on track. It is hard, though.

    I've been sewing since 2000 on the machine I inherited when my Grandmother passed away. It is a 1950somthing Singer. It is awesome, but sometimes I really yearn for something new and modern.

  2. Older brother advice from your younger brother:
    Never buy a fixer-upper house. Want to talk about in-search-of-perfection...