Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I HAD to have these fabrics after seeing them featured on this blog (Rebecca I'm holding you personally responsible!). They arrived today - not by the mail carrier, actually, but by a very kind lady who lives on a street of the same name as ours but in the next town over. Said she gets the wrong mail all the time. After realizing that this box contained my much-anticipated and drooled-over fabrics I really should have been even more grateful than I already was to this nice person who drove my package all the way across town.

These are gorgeous fabrics in person, though ever-so-slightly darker than I was expecting them to be. But I still think they will be just right to make Amy a quilt for her big-girl bed, and with any luck such a quilt will actually be finished and ready for use when she's ready to move out of the crib.

Amy helped me unfold all 16 fat quarters and when I laid them out on the couch she hopped right up and made herself comfortable: "Colors! Iss Pretty!!" After dinner she spotted the stack on the table and requested "Colors! Go See!" So I washed her hands and sent her into the living room to play with the "Colors" while I cleaned up. She returned shortly after with just one piece and danced all over the kitchen exclaiming "Iss Pretty! Iss Pretty!" I guess she likes them?

Now, any thoughts on what sort of pattern to use? Big blocks, little blocks, add other fabrics?? I don't have any good ideas yet and would love some input.

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