Friday, August 12, 2016

Fireworks and Field Trips

On Independence Day all the kids, my dad, my aunt, my cousin (who is just a bit older than Amy) and I all piled in the van after dinner and went to the high school for some proper fireworks. They were spectacular and the kids all had a great time. Caroline was not at all scared and has asked about them quite a bit since, and even Matthew was totally happy-go-lucky about the whole experience. So that was a win, though I always stress about non-routine, late-night events. Relax, Mommy.  

My dad usually took the kids out for errands on Saturday mornings, just like he did when my brother and I were kids. The above picture was from a bonus side trip to see the Balanced Rock right outside of town. They were all suitably impressed! 

And it took us two mall trips to get a much-anticipated ride on the carousel since it was closed the first day we went. Again, such a trip through my own childhood experiences - though now the horses have seatbelts. 

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