Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Man have these guys done a lot of bike riding this summer. That was pretty much the default activity for this guy 

the whole time we were at my folks' house, since they have a long driveway far from the road. He's a natural, having ditched the training wheels LAST summer, he's fast and totally in control.  

Caroline talked me into a new bike of her very own. She can talk me into a lot of things. 

Not her greatest picture, but she too did very well with this and spent a ton of time going up and down the driveway...with my help. Thank goodness Matthew was so happy to ride alongside in the stroller and just watch. 

And last but not least, I finally got the big girl a big bike, too. Amy had outgrown hers quite awhile ago but since we didn't have a good place to ride in Oregon and she didn't seem as into it as William anyway we just put that purchase on hold. But this summer she was big enough and ready for a 20" of her own and has gained a ton of confidence and handling skills just since the middle of the summer. 

Our new house is on a super-quiet street so the big kids can ride as much as they like, but since I don't want C out in the front of the house without one of us adults on hand that makes the biking free-for-all not quite so free. But hey, they are only getting older. 

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