Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend Walks


Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Caroline on a brief walk down our street. She brought her purse and pushed her stroller full of...phones. Or "iPhones" as she calls them all. I'm not really sure what this says about any of us; we really aren't a very techie house and I don't think I use my own phone all that much. But my, they learn so young these days. This collection of hers consists of a few actual talking/musical toddler phones, a defunct remote control, and just about every ancient cell phone Don and I ever had. We've kept them all because they are always everybody's favorite toys. 


Of course it got a little challenging when C got a call halfway down the street. 

Today we took a late afternoon walk at one of our favorite local parks. 

It was chilly and fresh and lovely and just what we all needed. Top notch weekend all around. 

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