Saturday, September 12, 2015

First Week


Well, first week back to school is in the bag, so I guess a recap is in order, especially since I haven't touched the blog in almost two'd that happen? 

The picture above actually pains me a little to share, because poor William was just so sad. He'd had his kindergarten meltdown a few weeks ago, and since then we really just didn't bring the subject up. We found out that his preschool teacher, whom he loved, had decided to move up and teach the kindergarten class. That fact, plus the half day program, and the class size of 9 made it seem like just too much of a good fit for him to pass up. He went along with it mostly but there were lots of tears at drop sad for Mommy! 

Frankly, the whole first day just seemed weird - one of those days where everything is a little flat. I missed the kids, Caroline was crabby and we couldn't find a good groove for our short alone time. And it felt like all I really did was drive back and forth all day. But W was happy when I picked him up and looking forward to the next day after all.  Amy of course, had a great day - she has a nice, new, very young teacher and a grand total of 7 in her class, all kids she knew from last year. Again, many blessings. 

Then the twist in the story was poor W having a terrible stomach upset in the middle of the night - an isolated incident, I think stemming from stress, bad dinner choices, and possibly a migraine headache. Poor guy! But that bought him a day at home, which he completely loved - he does get a little overshadowed when A is in the picture, so this was the first day in awhile that he had just me and C all to himself. And it was a really nice day. We ended up going to our little "mini mall" at his suggestion ("mommy, it will be so quiet without Amy there!") I do love my kindred spirit boy; it was indeed a lovely and peaceful trip. I found baby clothes on the cheap at Ross 


while he scoped out the toy shelves. Then we visited the maternity section at Macy's and found some things for me, and lastly hit up Payless and scored matching sneakers for him and Caroline. They were both such fun to shop with. 

Anyway, that day put us all back in a better frame of mind, and Thursday finally felt right. C was up crazy early but as a result conked out in the car right after dropping off the big kids (including a happy William). Hardly believing my good fortune, I decided to stop for coffee, something I haven't done in months, after losing my taste for it early in my pregnancy. 

The caramel latte SO lovely, as was the half hour I spent in blissful silence in the grocery store parking lot, letting C nap and making a decent shopping list. 

Ahhhh. Rest of that day was good, and Friday was nice too - C and I found our rhythm at home, the kids had great school days, and I even took a moment to sew a tiny pillow for C out of two favorite baby shirts of hers that were too stained to keep whole or giveaway. 

Kind of a pointless project but quick and satisfying and C loved helping at the machine, and loved the finished product. 

So that was our week. 170 days to go, but who's counting? Recharging this weekend and hoping for a smooth stretch of weeks ahead. Things are going to start moving fast as we head into fall with holidays, birthdays, a new birthday and everything that goes with all that. Eleven weeks till my due date! 

Okay, feeling as though I am rambling now. Will sign off and report back afresh very soon! 

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