Monday, August 17, 2015

Wrapping Up the Catching Up

Okay, as I suspected, a ten-part catch-up series just doesn't work if one still doesn't blog more than once a week, so I'll just toss up the remaining pictures from our trip that were worth highlighting and then we can all move on. Yay. 

My dad took the big kids to watch the July 4th fireworks in town - they were thrilled and I was so grateful that he really wanted to do it because C would not have managed it, or managed bedtime without me. It all worked out. 

We had one really awesome, gully-washer thunderstorm early in our trip. Just after dinner. Amy old enough now to Not Be Scared. William still quite nervous. Caroline just made the best "oh!" face with each rumble. Then we all watched the rain. I love the kids' red shirts in this picture. Amy's pre-haircut ponytail-and-flowers do. And the glasses which she took a brief interest in wearing again after hanging out with her cool older cousin (my cousin) who wears glasses. And Caroline in her dress...with those curls... Oh man.  

And the next day, her on her little bug scooter with the too-big helmet...

This scooter activity definitely did not require a helmet, but of course she wanted it anyway. 

Big kids with fresh haircuts, sorting Pokemon cards: boy... And my girls: 

And an awesome last-minute project that my mom thought up: 

We added their initials and the date to these hand-print stepping stones for the garden. 

Near the end of the trip, William followed me around outside with the camera, taking pictures of all the flowers and trees and such, "so that you'll remember what your home looks like, Mommy". THAT certainly got me a little misty about leaving. 

I don't think I'll ever forget, but I sure am glad to have freshened up the memory bank with a whole month of very special time with my kiddos and my parents, home. 

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