Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making Cakes

Caroline has found a lovely little activity lately. It started a couple of weeks ago when she pulled out the mini muffin pan after I had just put it away, and she wanted to make her own cupcakes. I'm not even sure now whether using the sprinkles was my idea or hers, but she spent the better part of 15 minutes carefully shaking out these chunky sprinkles to make her own "cakes". Since then this activity has been rerun a number of times, with a few variations. 

One night after dinner it was ice cubes with the sprinkles. And somehow, no clothes. 

Back at it the next morning with water, sprinkles, and a spoon. 

And then again, on the stool this time, mixing in some oats. 

There's a bit of a mess to clean up, but it is confined to the counter. I don't mind if she eats a couple of sprinkles along the way, and the "real" materials make this incredibly appealing to her. And every time this game gets a solid 15 minutes of silent, serious focus. It has been such a winner that I just had to share. 

We've been doing lots of other projects lately, with varying degrees of mess and success, and I'll try to collect those into a post soon, too. I've also got a mental list of things I'm looking forward to doing just one on one with C once the other two are back in school. Fun times all around! 

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