Monday, July 14, 2014


Amy and William got their first real, live fireworks viewing this past weekend (postponed from the Fourth on account of rain) at none other than my very own high school. My dad and I brought them, and Caroline stayed with my mom. Logistics worked out beautifully and the kids were thrilled. Rivaling the actual fireworks were the glowing light sabers I bought from a vendor just as dusk settled in. 

Yes, William is indeed wearing his pajamas - he was quite insistent on this point, since it was going to be dark. Didn't stop him from doing battle with Amy. The light sabers were such a huge hit with these two Star Wars -obsessed munchkins. 

I knew a picture (particularly with a phone) would never do it justice, but the show was spectacular and it was a special little memory to accent our summer and to add to Amy and William's list of firsts!

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