Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretzel Power


Yesterday morning, in one of those rare moments when I think of a project and actually act on it right then and there, the kids and I made chocolate covered pretzels. While everyone likes small pretzels plenty, turns out no one was all that excited about pretzel rods, and the better part of an open package was lingering and threatening to get quite stale. So without thinking too hard about it I melted chocolate in the microwave and had my two handy helpers apply sprinkles to their hearts' content.  

But the best part was discovering the magical energizing powers of chocolate covered pretzels.  We had a whole day ahead of us but Don and I didn't quite know what to do withourselves, until we took our pretzels out to the garage and talked about how we might reorganize the whole space. Four hours later we were still going strong, and the kids stuck with us with a surprising lack of whine.  All of us running on pretzel power, Don and I sorted through all kinds of stuff and generated enough giveaways and trash to free up two whole shelves.  Amy used the hose to "wash" things, a project that kept her busy for hours. William, who had been tired and bored earlier in the morning, happily rode his bike, stopping only here and there to snatch another pretzel.  We all stopped for lunch in the middle, and William took a break to watch some Bob the Builder, but otherwise it was a full day of family cleaning fun and it was awesome. 

We capped off the afternoon with a rather redneck pool party.... featuring two of the biggest plastic totes cleaned out by our reorganization, filled with water, to make personal dipping pools for each munchkin. 


I truly love the days when the planets align, tempers cooperate, and we can all have so much fun getting a HUGE project accomplished.  Nothing like some chocolate to set the right mood.  

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