Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where Were We?


Well, it was lovely to be in such a regular blogging routine last month; I miss it now that I seem to have slipped back to my barely-weekly posting schedule.  So let's catch up a bit, shall we?  Apologies in advance  for what will probably be an excruciating amount of detail.  It's my therapy. 

Daylight savings time is for the birds.  Of course I have fond memories of playing outside after dinner in the long summer evenings of my childhood.  But it pretty much ends there.  Daylight savings beginning in March only means that not only is it still cold in the mornings, but it is once again dark, too.  I could barely get Amy to sleep at a decent hour as it was, never mind her now feeling REALLY energized at the new "early" bedtime.  Now I know why my mother always hated changing time. 

We have, however, gotten our preschool-morning routine down to a science and have found ourselves out the door pleasantly on-time despite the late wake-ups.  Have I mentioned how much Amy loves school?  I think she is still glad to be home most of the time, but her enthusiasm for her school days is certainly more than I ever had, ever.  Oh, and a decision has been reached on the kindergarten subject, but I'll save that update for another time.  

Don got home at the beginning of March.  He was away for all of February, doing all sorts of shiny Coast Guard things in dangerous and beautiful places. I'm proud of him, but was reminded in a very first-hand way that behind every story that makes us citizens proud of our military, there is a family at home that just wants their husband/daddy to get done with work and come home.  It was a long month.  Oh, and just today Don was unexpectedly awarded the Joint Services Achievement Medal, for the work he did last June at the Tradewinds conference in Barbados. This makes his tenth ribbon (but who's counting) and highest award yet.  Sorry for bragging, but he works so hard and I get rather giddy when he gets the recognition he never seeks but very much deserves.  

I had the pleasure of my parents' company for much of the last few weeks.  The kids and I met up with my mom at my grandparents' house and after spending a rainy but nice weekend with them brought Mom back here for a two-week visit.  My dad joined us for the last week, and all in all it was a lovely time.  I miss my mommy and daddy and love their company, and love my kids' fondness for them both.  Living far apart may be a challenge but it is also a blessing, because it allows for these long visits, where my folks get to see the kids at all times of the day, totally in their element, and not just as a special short visit.  Good stuff.  

Let's see, what else?  Sewing - nada.  Crocheting - working not very earnestly on a giant-granny style afghan using those darn leftover skeins of Supersaver yarn that just won't go away.  I have been making great progress on my little cross-stitch lighthouse scene, and will soon be beginning the back-stitching and detail work, then done!  Very exciting.  

I've been mildly obsessed with the kitten cam. How can anyone not be?  Every evening, five or ten (or thirty) minutes watching those little guys is about as soothing as it gets.  

We did some great local adventuring last weekend.  All the pictures are on my phone, and there are too many to email myself like I usually do which means I'll have to -gasp!- get out the cord and load them up properly.  Then I'll share.  

Hmm.  There's probably more I'm sure but I think that will do for now.  Ollie's been helping me write this, and was a little jealous of Humphrey getting the cameo pictures up top.  


Oh, and he likes watching the kitten cam, too. 

Anyway, that's enough for now.  More sooner rather than later, I hope! Thanks for checking in. 

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