Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Well, Friday was "a big one"... 


... and frankly I'm happy to be an age that finally matches how I think of myself. 

It was very much of a standard day for one and all, and that's just how I wanted it.  


I did a double-take after checking the weather, certain that I had tapped on the wrong town.  A bit of rain and snow?  Here?  In late March?  Apparently my birthday weather follows me, as there always seems to be a chance of rain or snow on my birthday. Dark billowy clouds alternated with cold sunshine all day. 

Don was at work in the morning but expected a half day, and the fact that he is hardly ever in town on my birthday made his presence gift enough.  However, while the kids and I were at Amy's dance class, he sneaked home and filled the house with balloons.  The kids thought this was the greatest thing ever.  I was just glad to be home after driving around in Friday afternoon traffic, and not feeling terribly in the party spirit.  A couple of nice phone conversations with friends and family and a cup of coffee set me straight, and the rest of our afternoon and evening was lovely. 


I made my own cake and the kiddos added the sprinkles.  
A big number 3 candle on top seemed as good as any. 




Dinner was Sausage-Kale soup, homemade bread, and martini(s). And cake. 


The whole weekend was cold and rainy, but we did manage a short local "hike" and went to church on Sunday. It was a just-right sort of birthday weekend. 


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  1. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a lovely time :) I didn't mind 30 at all... it was 31 that somehow felt old... like I'm "in my 30's" now. You're still young!!! :)