Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea for Two, Revisted

Hi. We are home. We have been away. It was great. But I'm still glad to be home. 

Blogger is different now. Way to mess with my world. 

This picture is really fuzzy. I took it with my phone. Three weeks ago. 

But look, the table and chairs are yellow now! 

That project was on the list for, oh, about a year. Glad it is done. 

That's Robin Hood there, by the way. Just stopping by for tea. Haven't seen him since. 

I really loooOOOOooove airports. It was a fun day to teach my kids things. 

More to say, probably, but too much else to do, first night back and all.  

The cats need attention. I need a shower. TV to watch.  Important stuff like that. 

Will this post actually be all centered when I publish it? It's kinda working for me. 

That is all for now folks, catch you later!

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