Friday, February 3, 2012

The Yarn Monster, Completed

Well, I'm so happy that this afghan is DONE that I am staying up past my bedtime (ha!) to report about it. The Yarn Monster has been completed as of tonight. This is a gift for our good friends who have been here visiting us this week. Nothing like working right up to the last minute, I say! They leave in the morning, hence my settling for late-night yucky-flashy pictures to document its completion. I started this afghan two years ago, but only to try out the pattern, then picked it up in earnest about a year ago, and intended it as a going-away present for these same friends. Then it turned into a housewarming gift the first time we went to visit them. Then it still wasn't done so I thought surely I could make it a Christmas present. Didn't even make that deadline...

To quote Winnie the Pooh in his newest movie "It lagged a bit in the middle." Since this pattern is worked diagonally, the rows went really fast at the beginning and I figured the whole thing would fly by. But obviously, with each row increasing in length toward the middle (hypotenuse) the going got really, really slow for awhile. With my usual summer crocheting hiatus, time kinda kept slipping by before I got moving again. And at last, the rows got shorter and shorter again as I neared the opposite corner and I picked up momentum in the last couple of months.

I love it when a project is finished! It ended up topping six feet long, and it is square, so it is pretty darn big.

Tara loves it, as I hoped she would.

Now I just have to go find a box or bag or something for her to bring it home in... and figure out what I'm going to work on next!

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