Monday, February 13, 2012

Be Our Guest

Mondays are usually power-days for me, but this week has started off a little directionless. Mostly because the house is, broadly speaking, pretty much done. There are certainly plenty of little projects that need attention (that I am avoiding for one reason or another), and always room to build on and improve what I've done so far, but this week's must-do list is surprisingly short. So for now I thought I'd give you a little tour of our guest room. It is a bit spartan, but I wanted it that way so guests would have plenty of room for their own things, and since this is such an "extra" room for us, I don't want to invest a whole lot in it, just in case we have to contract our space again in the next house.

This bed was, until very recently, our master bed. But some princess-and-the-pea (me) complained mightily about needing a new mattress, so this whole set-up was shuffled on down to the guest room. Our whole scheme here is to encourage people to visit us by offering very comfortable quarters. Especially since our old house had zero guest quarters.

Adam's dresser looks really nice in here, and having it slightly out of the way keeps me from filling up its drawers with "miscellaneous" stuff.

A special thanks goes out to Ollie, for his help with this photo shoot, managing to appear in full-wash-position in every shot.

This is why, until guests actually arrive, I keep the whole bed covered with a sheet.

The cats think this room is great, and I hope all human guests will, too.

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  1. Nice dresser! Honestly I was just happy that the drawers OPEN well enough that you are able to pack them full of stuff!! Maybe I'll go for looser tolerances on the next chest :-/
    We're hoping to make it down sometime in the "Summer" time frame. :-)