Monday, November 21, 2011


Took the picture above over a month ago, on our pumpkin picking outing. Found an abundance of really cute pictures on my (new) phone once I finally figured out how to upload them to the computer.

I have to say, one of the unexpected outcomes of this (almost complete!) 17 weeks of OCS and single-parenting is how much more I love my kids. That sounds a bit odd as I write it, because of course I've always loved them like crazy, but after all this time flying solo I have found a confidence as a Mommy that I didn't have before, and somehow that has freed me up to appreciate and enjoy the little munchkins that much more.

I am thankful for my kids.

I am thankful for a tiny little bit of sewing time found over the last few weeks, and a how quickly this little quilt top (pictured in-progress) came together - satisfying! Not totally sure of the final plan for this quilt, but of course, I've had this fabric collection and it was time for something to be done.

I am thankful for big trees and all the open space we are enjoying these days here at my parents' house. I am thankful for another holiday season to spend here. I am thankful for a big chunk of weeks to really settle in and enjoy the time with my family.

And of course I'm thankful for my amazing husband, who is holding the number one position in his class and is just two short weeks away from becoming a commissioned officer. I couldn't be more proud.

There's lots more. We are very blessed. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

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