Wednesday, November 30, 2011

One Month

I realized what a huge blogging slacker I've been when I discovered that in the entire month of November I have only written TWO posts (not counting this one). That simply cannot stand.

It was one month ago that we moved out of our house in Maryland. That seems very, very far away.

We've been enjoying a really lovely month with my parents, and interjected that with a lovely little week with Don's family (and Don, too!).

In one week OCS will be all over; graduation is next Wednesday!

In one month we should be well settled in to our new abode in Charleston. Well, maybe not totally settled in, but we certainly will be there, and hopefully with at least a good chunk of stuff out of boxes.

That means that there is a lot that needs to happen in the next month, including finding the time to get in the Christmas spirit. I was reading back through some old blog posts and found I set the bar pretty high with the nice advent season we had last year. I got an awful lot done somehow, and I remember being so full of peace and fun and happiness through it all. There's no way I can match that this year, not with a big fat move smack in the middle of December.

But now that all the logistics are more or less scheduled it is time for me to stop dawdling and figure out how to make the most of my precious time here with my folks, revel in the festivities of Don's graduation week, and get at least some small amount of elfing done before we hit the road.

Ideas abound, just need to decide where to start!

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