Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Checkin' In

This is William's latest trick. He can climb up on the top of the table faster than you can imagine. Amy studiously colors a Hello Kitty picture and ignores the Willy Goat.

I am entering full packing mode around here. Boxes. Bags. Lots of them. Sooo satisfying. Am I the only freak out there who likes packing?

Seems like there is something to do every day, whether it is a shopping trip or a doctor's appointment or haircuts (today, see above). We are also working through a list of "fun" places that we want to get to at least one last time before we move from the area.

I washed almost all of my fabric because it smelled vaguely like scented cat litter, from the few weeks that the kittens spent in my sewing room. Not a bad smell to the untrained nose, but since I knew the source I just couldn't take it. So now I have a huge basket of really wrinkled fabric that I am folding when I have a spare minute... gets me thinking about all sorts of lovely projects...

Made a cool $80 from a garage sale this past weekend. Couldn't have done it without my friend Tara who drove up just for the occasion. Best part, besides have company for the weekend?: The weight bench is out of the garage.

I am this close to buying this laptop. I don't think that $80 will cover it...

Anything else? Probably, but I've got some bills to pay, boxes to pack, and Netflix to watch. Catch you later!

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