Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week(end) In Review

Sometimes - scratch that - most times I cannot believe how quickly the weeks zoom by. I heard it said once, about mothering young children: "The days are long but the weeks are short." True, true...

So, this week, in highlight form:

Amy and I made a whole town out of the same blocks my brother and I played with when we were kids. She did most of the buildings in this picture - her patience has improved.

Remarkably, this all stayed intact even after William was up from his nap, and she very graciously decided to put all the blocks away before he knocked them down.

We switched William to a big-boy carseat, as I suspect he has passed the height limit (and possibly weight limit, too) for the infant seat. We decided to get the same model Amy has, since it goes all the way to 100 pounds (though seriously, what 100 pound kid still sits in a carseat?). But anyway, hers has been serving nicely, despite a recent recall on the buckle. Now I believe every piece of our baby equipment has/had a recall on it (nothing major, all silly little CYA fixes the manufactures put out).

Moving on...

I told Amy she could choose: grow her bangs out or get them trimmed, and she wants to avoid a trim at all costs, so she has finally agreed to wearing a barrette. It's only taken 3 years.

And today she announced that she doesn't need to use the little potties any more, because she is a Big Girl. Yippee! Seizing on her enthusiasm I scrubbed those puppies out and stored them and now we have reclaimed a teeny bit of square footage in both bathrooms, and I have one less thing to wipe in my day.

William is on the move in a major way, crawling at the speed of light and getting his feet under him easily if he has something to hold onto. Look out world.

I spent much of my available time this weekend sorting through the kids' bins of outgrown clothes and readying my contributions to LL's Sale. Kind of a big project, but it helps with the outflow and returns a little back in to the ol' bank account. I had to take a break from it today, as I had been trying to be all ruthless with what I gave away, yet found myself getting a bit emotional over William's little baby clothes... and I put a lot back in the keep pile. Just not ready yet. *sniff*

When we'd all had enough of a rainy morning in the house we headed out to get new sunglasses for Don, since his dropped into the Potomac at work on Friday. Amy, who has been known to wear the same pair of pink sunglasses just about every day since age 16 months, found herself a new pair of Minnie Mouse shades, and for William, Captain America. He's actually pretty excited to have a pair of his own, though at this time prefers playing with them over wearing them.

Nothing like going out to buy sunglasses in the pouring rain!

So, that's my report for the week. And now, we begin another one!

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