Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been feeling very dull in the blog department lately, especially on the heels of all my Christmastime projects and fun goings-on to write about. Around here we've been busy, but with projects and accomplishments difficult to document in an entertaining manner. A nice, tidy pantry? Income taxes? Closet overhaul? We've had nearly zero snow, so I don't even have pretty seasonal pictures to share. Just a lot of brown and wet and cloudy-cold for Maryland. (Unlike my parents, by the way, who are buried under an accumulated 3-4 FEET of snow in Connecticut. Still not sure whether to be jealous or grateful). And the kiddos, while darling, are suffering from some of the same January-itis that I'm feeling these days. Daddy is at work. A Lot. Mommy gets boring after awhile. We don't really go anywhere, we just follow the same routine and play the same things in the same house every same, same day. Get the idea? So my blog policy is, if I can't say nothin' nice, I won't say nothin' at all.

But as soon as I shake my wintry frump I will definitely be sharing about my reorganized sewing room and Don's new-ish office space, and about my new favorite friend in the kitchen, and some old and new quilting, knitting, and crochet projects that are queued up for the next few months. So stay tuned.

There, I feel better already.

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  1. Nap pants! Thank you for making me not feel silly for changing Willy into sweatpants before his nap on days he is wearing jeans!