Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Flies...

"... like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."

It took me the LONGEST time to get this pun, but it comes to mind tonight because of a literal fruit fly/banana problem in the kitchen, and because these days are truly flying by. I might have thought that as consumed as my time is with the kids, and how little time I find for much of anything else that I usually consider "productive", that I'd be stressed out and feeling cagey. But I'm really not; I so thoroughly enjoy the pattern of my days with Amy and William, and I'm actually quite content with simply doing my mommy job all day long. Eventually they will go to school, right?

Blogging is suffering a bit: Not many projects are being completed right now... I don't have a lot of energy in the evening to write anything witty... I am way behind on sorting through pictures, etc... I do have a lot of half-completed projects in the hopper that will be blog-worthy soon: Don repaired my stand mixer, we're reorganizing the garage, I'm reading a great book that has given me much inspiration, I bought my bread machine and have been experimenting with that, I have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts to make and sewing-in-progress to complete, and a lot of big-picture thoughts stewing in my head. Just need the time to do it all justice.

But all is well. I'm treating these few weeks as a limbo period between our (late) summer vacations; when we return again at the beginning of October I plan to devote my evenings to creating and not just computing. I'm hoping to wrap up some uninteresting paperwork and household-upkeep projects so that my evenings aren't as cluttered with "must-dos" that get me stuck in the internet vortex. And then surely I will have something fresh and interesting to share here. Till then!

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