Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday at the Fair

The St. Mary's County Fair was this weekend, and we were so happy to find time to attend before we left on our vacation. We first took Amy to this fair when she was ten months old; last year she was almost two and enjoyed seeing the animals, and this year was the most fun yet, despite 95 degree heat. Ever seen a duck pant?

We visited the farm and garden building, and noted that this year's largest pumpkin weighed a full two hundred pounds less than last year's champion, yet more proof of our hot, dry summer.

I've been reading, re-reading, and generally drooling over this post from Soulemama, and was delighted to see this first-prize buff orpington. Someday we'll have chickens...

... and maybe rabbits...

... and definitely alpacas. Someday.

The lady running the pig and duck races gave Amy some pretty beads for being such a polite spectator.

We all shared a funnel cake (didn't think too hard about the milk in the batter - sorry, William).

And last but not least, Miss Amy's favorite moment of the day: riding the Carousel. The rides all cost a freakin' fortune, so we just did one. After barely clearing the 36" height marker, she adored the ride on the pony she named "Sweetie Pie."

It was indeed a sweet and wonderful day.

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