Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Days

... are pretty much consumed by these two kiddos. Every day I have high hopes that I'll get caught up with something else, but by the time 8pm rolls around and everyone is in bed my free time is too often spent with a little internet time, a little TV, a decision that surely I'll have more time/energy tomorrow.

But despite the annoyingly uncrossed-off to-do list I have squeezed in a few extras on most days. This week my project has been the kitchen: rearranging a few things to free up counter space and make better use of limited storage, and making room for more ingredients and less ready-made food. My evolving diet experiment has now become a rather pleasant challenge, and since allergies and diet-restrictions are very in right now it's easy to find substitute ingredients and recipes. Like these wheat-dairy-egg-free banana muffins.

And my happy, smiley boy actually seems to be a bit improved in the diaper department, so I am cautiously optimistic that we are finally making progress. He's still gaining weight like a champ, sleeping well, and getting stronger and more fun by the minute. We did manage to get an appointment to see the pediatric GI specialist next week, so I'm hoping that will provide confirmation that we are on the right course.

All this allergy business should start to clear up by the time he is six months or so, and I'm happy to stick it out until then. The time is flying, anyway!

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  1. Your house always looks so tidy, even when the kids are playing! Can you come and teach me your tricks?

    I love watching William grow up in these photos!