Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Thoughts

Busy as ever with this little guy and his big sister, but as I've found myself thinking about the week's activities in terms of blog-ability, here are some snippets of what is On My Mind these days:

:: I thought myself so on top of things when I ordered birth announcements within a week of getting home from the hospital and planned to include them with thank-you notes, but shipment was delayed, and as result thank-yous have been delayed. For all of you kind people who have sent gifts, I am sorry I'm behind in my acknowledgements.

:: Day 2 of serious potty training. Two successful tinkles in the potty, many pairs of soggy underwear. Is this success?

:: Breastfeeding is SO much easier the second time around. Thank goodness.

:: We ate green beans from our garden with dinner tonight (pork tenderloin on the grill and little red potatoes). Fabulous.

:: When we unpacked groceries today we discovered a package of pita pockets in the bag with our lettuce. We did not buy pita pockets. Whoever was in line ahead of us must have, and is surely a little annoyed that he or she left a bag behind at the store. However, with nothing we could do to make the situation right, we used them for tuna salad sandwiches and toasted the person who inadvertently bought us lunch.

:: This list seemed like it was going to be much longer and far more witty when I was composing it in my head, far away from a keyboard, of course.

:: Don is the best. The days that he is home always make me wonder how we get by when he is at work. It's not like I put my feet up when he's around, but everything is happier and easier with an extra set of hands, someone else for Amy to play with, and my best friend to talk to.

:: Moments ago there was a cat hanging on to the back of my chair by his toenails. I think that means it's time for me to wrap this up and play with him for a bit so he doesn't spend all night chasing our toes under the covers. And meanwhile I'm sure I'll be thinking of all the other newsy bits I meant to add here. I'll be back!


  1. Love the grocery incident (cheers to the person in front of you!) and thoughts that your list of things to say was going to be longer and wittier. Ahh, mommyhood. I love you! :)

  2. I'm impressed with the way you so easily seem to transition from having Don home to not having him home to having him back again. We've been having a hard time with those transitions lately. Love you!