Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Very Good Day

(With apologies to all my NE family and friends),
In Southern Maryland today it was a sunny 90 degrees and the crepe myrtle are in bloom. Keeping with our theme of "Best Week Off Ever" Don and Amy and I once again crammed our day full. This morning we went for our first family bike ride and stopped at the park for awhile (more on the biking particulars in another post). After returning home Amy practiced riding her tricycle in the driveway. Lunch and a nap soon followed.
Nap time was enormously productive for Don and me. I took two more boxes of outgoing schtufffff to the thrift store, and while there scored a $25 glider and footstool (also a topic for a future post). The rest of a luxurious 3-hour Amy nap was spent mostly on priming our outdoor rocking chairs. Finally.

This evening we took ourselves out to dinner on Solomon's Island. We ate seafood on the pier and then strolled hand-in-hand with Amy down the boardwalk, watching the boats. A blend of Summer Evening, Beach Vacation, and Wow-Our-Little-Girl-Is-Growing-Up and made the perfect end to a perfect day. I bought organic local peaches at the Farmer's Market on our way out, and Amy and Don had a "who can cluck like a chicken louder" contest the whole way home. What a delightful day.

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