Tuesday, February 16, 2016


A quick post about our last weekend, squeezed in before the next one rolls around. I can't keep up! 

Friday and Monday off from school meant a chance for lunch out at our favorite place, with my favorite people...

...which Matthew was asleep for so he go this picture later - 12 weeks old here! 

I really love my new water bottle - bought with the goal of keeping better track of and improving my own hydration. Naturally, the kids all love it, too.  Hands off! 

Don ripped his PJ pants in a major way, and rather than tossing them I took them to the sewing room the very next morning and turned them into...

William PJ pants! 

And as neither of us gets very Valentines-y most years I thought this was pretty sweet...

D lined up camellia blossoms from the bush in our front yard along the walk and in a heart in the grass.  Gotta love the PNW for such a lush showing in February. 

And in conclusion, a whole bunch of lovey doves! 

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