Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rambling Through Pictures

I can't seem to organize a cogent theme in my head for tonight's blog post, so I'm just going to use the "ramblings" of my title as both a noun and a verb, start with January 1st on my camera roll and grab pictures that capture a moment I'd like to tell about. I might make this a two or three part post; we'll see how it goes. 


New Year's Day. my boys both had on dark blue shirts and Matthew was flexing his newly-found smiling muscles sitting next to his big brother on the couch. William had spread his beloved "Buddy" blanket across them both. I snapped about a dozen pictures, trying to catch the smile. They were mostly blurry; W is making a goofy face in this one. 


Later the same day I finished an art-supply reorganization by testing out every marker in the house and pitching the ones that didn't work. I did this while sipping champagne, which made it seem rather like a decadent way to spend precious free time. 


Caroline and I hit a nice stride once the big kids went back to school. This set of spelling puzzles has been a favorite activity lately; she's pretty good at them. 

Sorting through my jar of coins has been another winner activity. 


And lest it seems like all wholesome, enriching activities around here, C has also spent a good deal of time with her very own Kindle. So have A and W. Philosophically, I'm not completely comfortable with my kids each having their own "tablets"... but for all practical purposes these have been a sanity saver. More on that another time. 


One more mornings with C picture - all her favorite things on her little yellow table. This was a good day. 

...Especially when we got to play at the playground after W finished school later on. These two have always been quite fond of each other and now they can really cook up some games together. 


Then there was this. I don't even know what to say. After dinner. Ditched the clothes. Found the potty. Brother crying. Yikes. 

Aaaand all those pictures actually were before the post of Matthew sleeping by the Christmas tree, so that shows just how behind I am! But it is late now so with any luck I'll continue this tomorrow night. TTFN! 

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