Monday, December 21, 2015

A Little Tired


He spends lots of time sleeping, though of course not always when I'd like to be sleeping. C is still sorting out her nursing/jealousy issues, especially at night. Oh, and we've got some yucky illness making the rounds through the family. So I'm a little tired. I'm not feeling terribly festive either, unfortunately, and hope I can find the time and energy to at least finish wrapping the presents. Even better if I can make some Christmas cookies and the peppermint bark my sweet and patient oldest child has been asking to make for weeks now. 

When I check my blog in the evening to unwind a bit and read through the words of my other favorite blogging mommies I feel so pathetic for not updating my own, especially since there is so much I want to write about our first month with wonderful little Matthew. I think though there is part of me that still wants to just hold the memories close, to revel in them in my own head and make sure they are firm there in their own right, not just memories based on words. I want to remember his birth, and how little a 7 pound baby is compared to all my other 8 pounders. I want to remember is soft skin and fuzzy hair forever. A fourth baby is so humbling, so precious. 

I'll get back in the groove here and share more particulars soon. Till then... Merry Christmas to all my friends out there! 

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