Tuesday, April 14, 2015

These Three

As I scrolled through last week's pictures, looking for a story or theme to blog about, what struck me is how many pictures I had of all three kids together. For the most part, A&W are still a unit, but with increasing frequency C gets herself right in the middle of what they are doing (whether they would like her to or not). So here's just a brief recap of our rather uneventful week and weekend past. 

First, I have to mention that I did indeed finish the vest for Amy, and even though it was a learning experience in the areas of shaping and striping yarn, it still turned out pretty well and she loves it. 

And I love this picture from later the same afternoon: 

Caroline's little blonde curls are just killing me these days: 

We had nice weather this weekend and spent a lot of it outside flipping over stones looking for snails and roly-polies. 

And naturally Ollie was on hand, looking handsome (if a bit ridiculous) on the shed roof against the blue sky. 

And just a couple more moments of togetherness: 

In the above picture Amy is brandishing her new, handmade magic wand, made of maple and dragon heart string, crafted by my very talented brother just for her. It came complete with a letter of early acceptance to Hogwarts, so she was more than a little thrilled. And A&W and C behind her in this picture just crack me up. 

That's about what has been going on here. I have a rare-morning-napping baby with me right now so I need to figure out what that means for the rest of my day. TTFN! 

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