Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does Obsessive Compulsive Have a Hyphen?


Just checking in quickly between bath and bedtime on a lovely, springy Saturday.  

I think I've mentioned it before and I really don't mean to brag (too much) but Amy learned how to read just before starting preschool, and in the months since has become pretty proficient.  She relies heavily on the recognition of whole words, and can stumble sometimes on simple words if they are not familiar.  But her love of this book, and the pleasure she takes in reading it to herself, in bed with a flashlight, has improved her  fluency and confidence tremendously.  

Today I recalled an old toy of mine that was tucked away in a drawer, awaiting The Right Time to be tossed in the rotation, so while the boys napped Amy and I got out my Magnetic Poetry set and sorted through the words.  Then my inner grammar nerd came out of hiding and I started explaining about nouns and verbs and grouping the words appropriately.  I even recited the prepositions in alphabetical order (thank you, Mrs. Groves in 7th grade).  I've still got it.  


Keeping with my OCD theme of the day, this morning I spent working on this: 


The picture of which didn't turn out terribly clear, but the drawing accomplishes its goal - to keep track of all the seeds and bulbs I've planted in between the "landscaping" in our front garden area.  Our house came with a fairly large mulched area and several varieties of nondescript shrubbery.  The kids love planting seeds, and I love the lack of pressure involved with a patch of full-sun and the joy of simply sticking in groups of seeds/plants wherever there is room.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all start growing, and I'll share more particulars then.  

Oh, one more thing.  I am totally late to the party here, I'm sure (I am with most things), but in case you haven't come across them, take a minute for these two music videos by The Piano Guys.  Cello Wars is the kids' favorite, and this one is my favorite.  These are our go-to music/entertainment before and after dinner these days; all of us can't get enough.  I absolutely love watching people who are good at what they do, and these guys have it down.  And a cello!  Classical music on the popular scene!  Makes me terribly happy. 

Okay, the kids are loose; bathtime is over.  Off I go, have a lovely weekend! 


  1. Oh, my goodness, THANK YOU for sharing all of those ideas. The magnetic poetry... why did I not think of that before for N? And the Star Wars book all my girls will love! And most of all, Cello Wars combines two of their most favorite things... string instruments and Star Wars. Seriously, our kids need to be pen pals or something because these similarities are just uncanny!!!

  2. I was totally thinking of you when I mentioned those Star Wars things! And I agree - Amy has yet to find a friend her age who is as into it as she is... pen pals might be a cool idea!

    1. If you feel comfortable emailing me your address, N would be all over that. No pressure, though. My email: :)