Thursday, December 20, 2012

Small Christmas Moments


Finding myself charmed by my children quite a bit lately.  Which pretty much makes up for things like taking them to the Commissary, where they are so "helpful" it is maddening.  The last week has necessarily been one of trying extra-hard to live in the moment and appreciate my little munchkins as much as possible, so to that end here's the quick hits list of some of my favorite moments of this week. 

Listened carefully to Amy singing "Jingle Bells" tonight and realized she sings it "Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-foot-horse-and-sleigh." 

William says "Merry Christmas" just the way Uncle Felix does. Have I mentioned that both kids LOVE Christmas in Connecticut, and we've watched it four times already?  YES! 

Lately no one wants to go to sleep at the appropriate time, but as we still have had a week full of the usual activities and places to be, bedtime is a must.  So they lie in bed telling each other knock-knock jokes until they fall asleep. 

Don has been home this week, and I've left William with him on a couple of mornings when I've had to take Amy to school, etc.  William calls this "man time" and is SO proud to be hanging out with Daddy, helping him around the house or on an errand, or going fishing.  He wears one of Don's hats and sticks his hands in his pockets and is very serious about the whole thing. 

Today Amy and I made Christmas cookies.  It was late in the afternoon and I kinda wanted to put it off a day, but she was all in so we went for it.  And I gotta say, I could not have done it without her.  Really.  I rolled, she cut, I re-rolled, she sprinkled, I baked, she cut some more.  We had a great production line going and this was the first year of Christmas cookie "help" that was really and truly helpful.  Really.  The sprinkles were at times a little heavy-handed, so I explained the nuances of shaking out a dash of sprinkles, versus upending the bottle and letting them pour out.  Then we were good. 

While listening to the heavy and wind-driven rain tonight, Amy suggested that it was raining exactly the way she was dumping out the sprinkles at first.  

There's more I'm sure, but that will do for now. Wishing you lots of lovely little moments throughout the week as well! 

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