Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Night Thoughts

Truthfully, these aren't really Sunday night thoughts.  My thoughts right now are pretty much only about the a.m.a.z.i.n.g peanut butter pie that I just finished off. 

But I'm overdue for a post so I thought I'd just take a stab at the stuff that's been on my mind all week, and see how much I can remember on the spot. 

The quilt above? For a friend's wedding... which was several weeks ago... oops.  It's almost done, just need to decide what to back it with.  However, I have so totally fallen in love with this collection of squares that I ordered two more sets to make myself a quilt, too.  That's embarrassing. 

Somehow I never spell embarrassing correctly the first time; spell checker always has to fix it for me. 

I started knitting my very first sweater today.  It's quite exciting.  I'm trying this pattern.  I hope it goes well, because I have grand ambitions of making three of them by Christmas, one for Amy and one each for two other little girls in our "family" of friends.  Hmm.  I don't know what to make for each of those corresponding little brothers.  

I actually have a lot of good ideas for Christmas this year, and seeing as it's just now September, I stand a good chance of getting it all done as long as I don't squander the fall crafting season. 

Amy is also waiting for me to make her a Dorothy costume. 

It's been a generally crafty weekend here.  I got a kit from Target - a set of unfinished wooden blocks (toy blocks) and paints. Probably overpriced, but it's been a huge hit and we've been painting them all weekend. Amy also made a necklace and a bracelet, and painted a little barn for all her tiny animal friends.  

I'm finding already that the preschool routine during the week helps tremendously with morale through the weekend.  Weekends with Don away always used to be tedious, but with a now-busy week, I am finding myself grateful for the empty days and the chance to purposefully sit back and relax with the kids.  Paint at the kitchen table for an hour, rather than jump up and down attending to the laundry or drive around all morning running errands.  There's time and place enough for that during the week.  

I am continuing to be extremely grateful for dear friends who live a mere 50 yards away.  I don't know what we'll do with ourselves when they move. 

Speaking of moving, we don't know whether we will be here for one or two more years.  Don put in his "dream sheet" of picks in case we move next summer, but then again we might not.  I really don't know which way to go on the matter.  On one hand I'm starting to feel a little mossy, and wouldn't mind rolling on to the next adventure, but at the same time I still love our house and Amy's school and wouldn't mind sticking around for her to do kindergarten there as well. 

But as they say, we're just taking it one day at a time. 

And in closing, my deep thought for the week: I am a closet political junkie and totally reveled in every night of the GOP convention this past week.  But what I found myself thinking about more than anything else has been this:  Story after story of persons from humble beginnings.  Parents who sacrificed so that their children could have a brighter future.  Parents who offered wisdom and guidance constantly, with words that were remembered by their children well into their adult lives. Persons who credit their parents with their ability to do the things they are doing today.  All this has kept me thinking, what am I saying to my children that they will remember and take with them into their adult lives?  Do I spend enough time encouraging them to be all they can be?  I think I am, but I wonder how I can correctly teach sacrifice when my own life (and theirs) has been one of relative privilege.  Perhaps I'm getting too deep, but anyway, that is what's been on my mind these days.  

Thanks for listening! 

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